Mazda, F. 1998. Engineering Management. Addison- Wesley. Harlow, England

Mazda, F. 1998. Engineering Management. Addison- Wesley. Harlow, England
There can be few modern feats of engineering achievement that surpass the great pyramids of Ancient Egypt. The sheer scale of the technological and physical challenge facing the creators of these superstructures was immense. The management skills demanded of those early engineers were equally impressive. The desires of the customers (the Pharoahs) had to be fulfilled while co-ordinating, controlling and monitoring the subcontractors (the artisans) and the employees (the slaves), as well as ensuring the optimum use of material resource.

Engineering management is no simpler today and both new and experienced engineers find it difficult to come to terms with this non-technical subject. Fraidoon Mazda's book provides an accessible and comprehensive guide to management that will be useful for students, new managers and experienced engineers alike.

Using a fictional company as a case-study throughout the text, theory is repeatedly related to practice, providing a realistic picture of modern engineering industry. All the management functions that are part of a medium or large-sized organization are covered from basic people skills to business strategy, decision making, financial management, project management, manufacturing operations, marketing and sales.

Whether you are a student undertaking a course on management or a professional engineer needing some practical advice, Engineering Management provides the answers you are looking for. Had the engineering managers of the Egyptian pyramids been able to use this book, their life would probably have been made a lot easier!
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